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Paint brushes should be cleaned as soon as possible after use.
Avoid soaking the brush in water as doing so will damage the bristles. It is recommended you use a set of synthetic painting tools when cleaning brushes used in oil-based paints or water-based paints. Stick to one method of cleaning for the base you are using. This will give a much better result.

Cleaning Oil-Based Paints from your paint brush.

Look at the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended cleaning solvent, which is usually paint thinner for varnish paint. Pour your solvent into a suitable container.
Then dip in the brush.
The more times you apply the thinner to the bristles the more effective your cleaning process will be.
After you have finished, shake the brush in a safe area, or brush on cardboard. Do this vigorously until the thinner has been removed.

Cleaning of Water-Based Paints from Brushes

This is the best way to clean out water-based paints.
Take warm water and mix with mild soap suds.
Place your brush into a pot with hot soapy water and massage the bristles by hand.

Now run cold water through your brush for as long as it takes to thoroughly clean it out.
If you have difficulty with this, try some spriit on the paint brush, and follow that with the hot water treatment.
After you have finished cleaning, you can get rid of the spirit with a dry cloth.
Many painters use a special comb which reaches the centre of their brush quite effectively. What you want to do is make sure you leave no paint because it has a tendency to harden and make the brush useless.

Finally, using your fingers, reshape the brush back to normal and lay it flat for drying out. A further tip is to use steam to bring it back to life before you start another job. Be sure to hang your brush upright so as to avoid the bristles curling up.