Buy Dust Brushes Online

Dust brushes are designed  for dusting down corners, mouldings and any surfaces prior to applying paint to surfaces , we supply the traditional Hamilton  black bristle 3 knot dust brush tried and tested a firm favourite of a lot of trades people.

We also supply the Prodec dust brust with solid smooth wooden handle and pure china bristle.

Surface preparation is the most essential part of any decorating project, the better the preparation the better the end result when all works are complete. After every coat whether base coat, undercoat or top coat if another coat is going to be applied more preparation is required a dust brush is an essential tool to aid this purpose likewise use a tac cloth a fine cloth with a super light tacky surface that picks up all manner of debris to leave a surface perecetly clean and ready for its next coating.

If you’d like some advice on which decorating dust brush would work best for you, get in touch.