Buy Bristle Paint Brushes Online

Bristle paint brushes give fantastic pick-up and are ideal for woodstains and varnishes. You can buy 100% natural bristle paint brushes right here, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to give some advice.

Here are a few tips that will help with cleaning your brushes after use.
One of the first things that you should try to do is get rid of most of the paint from the brush as you can. This can be done in several ways including stroking the brush on some old card board boxes, getting the paint out by rubbing the bristles with rags, use an old paper towels or anything else that can remove the paint easily. Be very gentle with these methods because too much pressure will bend and ruin the bristles.

Step 1: Fill up a small bucket with warm water and a liberal amount of washing up liquid. Once this mixture is ready, place the bristel paint brush in the water and begin to move it from side to side, without touching the bottom of the bucket.

Step 2:
It will only take a few seconds for the water to be completely filled with paint and then you pour it away.

Step 3:
Repeat Step 2 again. The main objective in this is to do this until the water turns completely clear. Typically, it takes approximately 4 or 5 minutes to get to this point.

Step 4: Leave the brush in a bucket of warm for at least 24 hours. For this, you can use  a plastic paint pail that’s designed with magnetic materials near the top. This magnetic material will hold the steel ferrule of the paint brush in place so it is held verticaly. If done correctly, you will see paint resin and pigment left at the bottom of the bucket when the process is complete.

Step 5:
After 24 hours, you should lay the brush flat on a piece of old cardboard so that it can dry. As the brush dries out, you will see the bristles begin to fluff up indicating it is ready for re-using