Dust sheets help keep your work clean and dust free.

Some manufacturers and suppliers of dust sheets continue to manufacture cotton sheets as an alternative to synthetic or plastic. Traditionally these natural fabrics were used because they were good at protecting against dust. The one major drawback with them is they are not waterproof and being of natural materials, are usually much more expensive.
Although they are relatively thick and provide better protection from dust, they are not waterproof.
It is true they are much easier to store when finished with, but they remain much weightier and therefore harder to move around.

The main benefit of cotton dust sheets lies in their suitability for washing , or being beaten to remove dust.

Dust sheets have a wide range of uses. For example, they can be used to cover flooring, furniture, door frames and doors. In order to ensure the least accidental damage, there are a few things you could bear in mind:

1) When you prepare to start your work, cover the floor with your dust sheet. It is a professional touch to apply tape to the edges so the sheet it remains in place while you work. This will be so, even when walked on. Furthermore dust will not get underneath.

2) When covering furniture, be sure to tape or clip the dust sheets in place so that they don’t come off. Also, when two or more sheets are needed to cover furniture, ensure you fasten both sheets down with no gaps in coverage.

3) When you’re finished with you dust sheet, gently remove it and fold it toward the center so all debris falls into the centre and not onto the floor.
Using dust sheets will keep your home will be safe from accidental splashes while redecorating.  They also make for a faster clean up when the job is done.