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Paint Rollers

A quality roller frame is a critical part of every professional painter’s tool kit. A good frame will ultimately save time and effort, so it’s very important to choose the best one possible. The type and size of paint rollers needed will depend on the size of the project, as well as the skill level of the painter.
Sizes usual range from 2  to 18 inch versions. For more options makers offer a range of different handle sizes as well.
For larger scale roller applications you can choose metal or plastic frames.

Large paint rollers are usually used for interior commercial painting. Although they require considerable effort, larger roller frames can cover sizable areas quickly, and they are very useful when ‘back rolling.’
9 Inch Roller Frames
9 inch roller frames are the most common frames, and they have a wide variety of roller covers, sleeves or refills to choose from.

Professional heavy duty rollers with thick shanks will last longest and can be used every day. These roller frames are perfect for interior projects like painting walls and ceilings, as they are easy to handle and excellent for paint containers of up to 25 litres.

Specialist 6 inch roller frames are available only  within the Wooster Brush range of decorating tools.

2 and 4 inch rollers are ideal for exterior and interior trim boards, painting cupboards, or applying stripes. These smaller rollers greatly reduce the time it would take if painting trim or narrow areas with a brush.

Mini Paint Rollers.

Mini paint rollers are excellent tools for painting in very tight spaces, usually an inch or less in diameter. Available in many different styles for specializes usage, mini paint rollers often have longer handles to reach ‘hard to get’ places, like behind appliances or furniture.
There are many special roller covers with designs for this type of roller as well.