Using paint roller frames

A paint roller frame is used to retain a roller for the application of paint. They come in a range of styles and materials and choosing the right model can make a massive difference to the quality of the finish of your paintwork.

The better quality roller frames have bearings at each end. This makes for a smoother action and is much easier on the user, as it requires less pressure, so less physical effort.

This type of paint roller tends not to leave roller lines, as they have a more even pressure on the surface. Therefore, it can make the job quicker too, as you won’t have to keep going over roller marks with wet paint to achieve a smooth professional finish.

Traditional rollers tend to have a sprung roller cage but the better ones nowadays are the non sprung versions that eliminate roller distortion. The traditional roller cages often leave the roller looking like a 50p piece, which makes for an uneven finish.

And the rollers have a tendency for slippage if the cage is the incorrect design, which can cause problems if applying something like stucco to an exterior wall. It’s much better to have an expandable heavy gauge wire compression cage that holds the roller in place.

Cheaper roller frames tend not to have sufficient gripping power and the wire cage is too thin.

Another way to ensure the roller doesn’t slip off is by using an expandable metal ring. This works as well as the compression cage and top end manufacturers like Wooster and Purdy go for this option.

The other element of the paint roller design to consider is the handle. Always aim for a shank that is over 1/4 inch thick. And check for the section where the extension handle fits.Many have a threaded end and although this is ok, the handles tend to come loose in use and can be annoying to keep tightening up the joint. It is much better when the extension handle is locked in place with a pin and lever mechanism. It is much more secure.

You need to be careful that you use the extension handle made by the manufacturer of the paint roller though, as they tend not to be interchangeable, which could be expensive and is another thing to consider when purchasing your paint roller frame. Again, Wooster and Purdy are the better models to go for.