Paint Roller Poles

Whether you are moving into a new home, redecorating, or simply wanting to repaint the interior of your home, you know how big the project can be and you wonder how you will get it all done. Painters charge a lot of money, but if you are a decent painter and use the proper equipment, there is no reason you cannot paint it yourself and save money.

Now comes the difficult part of painting whole rooms and even ceilings—for those who have had to do this, you know it is hard on the back and can be painful if done the hard way.
To avoid the hassle, wasting time, and hurting yourself, you must have one very important piece of equipment in your painting arsenal: a roller pole.

A roller pole is simply a pole with a threaded head at the end, which twists onto any hand-held paint roller. Instead of bending down, reaching up, getting on ladders, and squatting to get the highs and lows of the walls, attach your paint roller to a roller pole and make your work that much easier. The extension it offers allows you to paint a wall a lot quicker, by using only your arms and minimal movement, to roll the paint onto the length and height of the wall.

When you are done with the large portion of the wall, you put up painters tape and you can use the variety of tools available to neatly paint the edges where the ceiling meets the wall and the wall meets the baseboards. Many of these tools are also rollers and some have extensions as well.

Roller poles are especially necessary for ceilings. Anyone who has ever painted a ceiling by hand or with a hand-held roller has promised themselves that they will never do so again. Not only is it time consuming, but the painful arching of your back, your neck, and having to move the ladder for hours as you slowly make your progress, creates a soreness the next day that can be debilitating for some people, or simply awful enough that it makes you unable to finish your project with the quality or time-frame you wanted.

Roller poles come in many styles and sizes. 2-4 foot and 4-8 foot poles are typical lengths found to be perfect for normal home use. The 4-8 foot poles are great for ceilings and tall walls. However, a pole that is too long can be just as bad as one that is too short. For example, a 6-12 foot pole is intended for taller walls, exteriors, and high ceilings—but for the typical home ceiling, this would be an unwieldy pole to try and use vertically on a ceiling. Remember to keep to the standard sizes and usage.

Extension Sizes

1-2 foot poles:
Excellent for tight spaces such as behind furniture that you cannot move, around windows, inside closets, and painting in places where you want a roller for a quicker paint-job, but a shorter pole for more control.

2-4 foot poles:
Great for general purposes and well-suited for 8 foot walls and low ceilings.

4-8 foot poles:
A much better choice for multi-purpose uses and is the best length for the typical ceiling, as it allows for greater reach overall, which is convenient for painting over furniture and not having to stand on it.

6-12 foot poles:
Perfect for tall walls, tall ceilings, and exterior painting.

8-16 foot poles:
These are the longest extensions on the market and offer the greatest reach. However, for the normal homeowner, even one who is painting the exterior of their home, this size may be a bit unwieldy and difficult to control and use if you do not have strong arms and wrists.
However, if you are capable of using this extension without a problem, it can be extremely helpful (and perhaps the only choice besides calling an expert) for very tall ceilings, very tall walls, and exterior surfaces of your home that are far beyond your reach.

Material Matters
The purchasing of a roller pole doesn’t end with the extension size. The material matters a great deal as well. Paint roller extension poles can be found in wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and many come with grips while some are plain poles. The best roller poles are aluminum or fiberglass and have excellent locking mechanisms to avoid the loosening of the roller from the threated head. They are also more durable and will be easier on your arms and backs than the cheaper, wooden poles are.

Besides better coverage of paint, it is an equally important usage of roller pole to reduce the stress you put on your body that occurs when you contort yourself in unnatural positions when trying to paint by hand. This makes for a sore body, a bad back, and aches that will last for days. Painting is more than simply coloring walls. There are ceilings, there are edges, corners, baseboards to avoid, painting around windows and outlets, and the list goes on.

The least you can do for yourself is buy a high quality roller pole and use it for the bulk of the work in painting the broad walls and especially when painting the ceiling. You will find that you will significantly reduce the time spent painting, reduce your pain and stress, and you will increase your productivity and be done with your special project quicker than you thought possible.