Buy roller sleeves online all sizes available

We supply a large range of high quality sleeves to suit all projects from 2″ sleeves to 18″ contractor sleeves for covering large areas.

Choosing the correct size sleeve will enable you to achieve the perfect painted surface and give economy with your paints by preventing unnecessary  overloading and wastage,

picking the correct pile roller sleeve can be quite daunting so to help please read this brief guide below or contact us by telephone or email and and we will be happy to help you.

Short pile sleeves

Ideal for smooth finished surfaces with no texture a short pile will also pick up less excess paint and achieve a more smooth flawless finish.

Medium pile sleeves

ideal for semi rough surface  these rollers are capable of applying more paint than a smooth pile sleeve to  textured wallpapers.

Long pile sleeves

ideal for rough surfaces i.e exterior masonry, textured ceilings or heavy embossed wallpapers or even when you need to apply large amounts of paint quickly without constant reloading as favoured by contractors with 18″  or 14″inch sleeve size.