Men’s workwear

A long term problem in men’s workwear is protection of the knee. This applies to carpet fitters, carpenters, painters and decorators and anyone else who spends a good deal of time on their knees. It is important to have as much protection as possible in men’s workwear. Prodec trousers offer some of this protection.

The human body is simply not designed for spending hours on our knees, a very complex and important joint in our body. Although padded mens workwear workwear on its own, cannot offer full protection especially for those who have been involved in trades work for many years, they  do help reduce the risk of wear and tear later on in life.
As well as offering some degree of comfort, the trousers and overalls offer several types of pockets and belt loops, invaluable when hooking up various tools as you go about your work.
Despite their customization for the trades industry, they remain relatively easy to wash and can easily be added into normal wash loads at home.

Top of the range
The range consists of bib and brace and regular trousers in a range of sizes for the most suitable fit. The fabric is 100% cotton and is white bleached.
The quilted knees offer a degree of padding for the knees and there are a range of different pockets suitable for holding mobiles phones, key tabs and tool loops. Thjsisk ideal for mens workwear.

Workwear Event
The industrial clothing industry is promoted at the next health and safety expo at Excel in London every year. Manufacturers and workwear developers take the opportunity to show their latest ranges and the exhibition fits in to the overall Safety and Health theme of this big event.
Products on offer usually range from the budget end of the market, where clothing is used only  once, to the more expensive canvas and twill pant items with reinforced seams , buttons and zips. A recent innovation are trousers with removable knee pads, ideal when you need to change tasks quickly where the restriction of protective padding is not needed.